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A premade cover featuring a man in a mountainous landscape assuming a superhero-esque stance, harnessing the power of lightning. This cover would obviously work well for books involving superheros or superhuman characters. Suggested for Science Fiction and Fantasy. The imagery could also be metaphorical, symbolizing strength or power and be used for Contemporary Fiction.
Step 1: Select and purchase your cover.
Step 2: Fill out the customization form, including your title, author name, and any other text you wish to appear on the cover.
Step 3: Receive your customized cover within 2 business days.

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Product Description

Premade covers are a fast and affordable way to market your book. Each cover includes limited customization, with the option of purchasing extra changes if needed, and is delivered in only 2 business days. So you don’t have to settle for a mediocre book cover just because of a tight budget or a time crunch.
•Personalized within 2 business days.
•Includes your own book title, author name, and any additional text you wish to include, such as a subtitle or tagline.
•Extra customization is available after purchasing for an additional fee.
•Paperback and/or hardcover editions are available after purchasing for an additional fee.
•All cover licenses are exclusive. Each cover is sold only once.